TikTok’s New Q&A Tool Rolls Out for All TikTok Users

TikTok officially released its Q&A tool, to improve creator-fan interactions, allowing creators to increase the value of their roles as marketing influencers. Through the Comment section, fans can opt to ask questions instead to creators, which the latter in turn can choose to answer by way of live streams or video clips. This new Q&A feature can also help creators keep their followers as they’ll have more opportunities for communicating with them.

How TikTok’s Q&A Tool Works?

TikTok also believes that promoting community connection is important as it will make users think twice before migrating to other platforms like YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels. Especially since the two social media platforms have succeeded in luring many TikTok users in light of the two platforms’ greater profit potentials being the leading social networks on a global scale. .

People at TikTok explained that they are making it effortless for people to interact in the platform the Q&A feature will help creators easily distinguish which are questions and which are comments. TikTok users can ask their questions through a button located in the comment section. Creators on the other hand, can respond immediately or attach a sticker to a video created in response to a Q&A that will redirect users to the original video from whence the questions originated.

Additionally, creator accounts will have a Q&A section where answers to fan queries will be compiled; whilst containing links connected the original clip that prompted the original questions related to the creator’s content.