Significant stories are sometimes the culmination of series of serious reporting, in which in earlier times will capture the attention and appeal of entire political media community.

Sometimes, it even redirects the course of political campaigns.

The sensationalism of media has not been a secret. In fact, it is all out in the open.

The thing is, have you wondered how many times you’ve read a story that is not even close to reality? Let me give you a quick example of these stories that were purely hyped up and yet, considered to be fake or make-up stories by media.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s Divorce

Well, the entire fiasco about Heard is being physically hurt by Depp all started from some paparazzi. While many people become so hooked into the story, most especially the diehard fans of the two, it has been an effective diversion of distracting public’s attention to the more important matter of the country.

Bieber’s Fight and Scandals

The fuss with Bieber being involved in a fight and got beaten by a 6’5” guy in brawl in a bar has turned out to be just nothing. Bieber uploaded an Instagram photo just the next day with no marks or bruise on his body or face.

These types of stories are pure examples of media sensationalism which is a great tactic of diverting people’s attention to the less important issues and forget the main point on hand.