Supreme Court Cites Law Protecting Newsgathering as Long as Not Involving Violation of Federal Laws

An FBI raid was conducted in the home of the CEO of Project Veritas in search of phones allegedly used by PV staff in illegaly obtaining Ashley Biden’s diary, Project Veritas asserted that the phones the FBI were looking for, contained First Amendment-protected newsgathering materials, and attorney-client privileged information. The First Amendment, according to the Supreme Court, gives newsmedia protection for newsgathering; but it does not allow news gatherers to violate laws applicable to everyone.

Background Story to the Project Veritas Raid

Founder and CEO of Project Veritas James O’Keefe already has a history of illegal activity\ies, including undercover sting operations to expose the hypocrisy and bias of progressive nonprofit organizations, news media, and politicians. A lot of journalists have renounced methods used nu Ptoject Veritas, asserting that the organization violates norms of media ethics.

The DOJ warranted the purpose of the raid, asserting that the cellphones would disclose evidence that would prove Project Veritas helped in the transport of more than $5,000 worth of stolen property. That is in addition to deliberately failing to immediately report the said crime to law enforcement authorities.

The attorneys representing Project Veritas explaineed that PV bought the diary from anonymous individuals who obtained the item legally as an abandoned item in a house in Florida.
According to Project Veritas, they sent the diary to local law enforcement officials after failed attempts to return it to Ashly Biden’s lawyer. They did not deem the diary useful as the could not check the authenticity of the diary itself.

According to the Supreme Court, If the events claimed by Project Veritas are true, the activist organization has the protection of the Privacy Protection Act of 1980. This law prohibits state and federal law enforcement from confiscating journalists’ product and materials, which has few exceptions.

Trump Hosting Superspreader Holiday Tours and Parties Despite Increasing COVID-19 Deaths

Last week, Trump has been hosting dozens of festive holiday tours and parties at the White House, unmindful of the continuing increase in COVID-19 death toll. According to The Washington Post, the president seems to be forgetting that the number or deaths in the country, as a result of coronavirus outbreak is nearing 300,000.

While only 50 were invited as guests in the recent White House Christmas Party, the risk of getting infected and thereafter spreading the virus even to those who did not attend, is definitely high.

Apparently, Trump supporters still do not see the dangers of getting infected, since they keep attending jam-packed holiday events. In a video shared by a former Oklahoma Republican Party chair, Pam Pollard, Republican lawmakers can be seen gathered closely below a White House staircase awaiting Trump’s appearance. Through the video audio background included discernible sounds of someone coughing badly. Still, no one seemed to care as the attendees kept mingling throughout the duration of the party.

When Trump finally appeared, he used the moment as opportunity to avow that he will always oppose the presidential election results. However, he did not mention that he and his lawyers will be able to provide supporting evidence to prove that there was indeed widespread election fraud that could overturn the results in his favor. .

Show of Safety Guidelines Guests Were Supposed to Follow During Super-Spreader Events

During the holding of the event, written notice of safety guidelines that guests are supposed to follow during the events were prominently displayed but seemed to serve only as a publicity stunt. According to Melania Trump’s spokesperson Stephanie Grisham told The Post WH correspondent, guests will be served with individually plated servings of food at food stations enclosed in acrylic glass partitions. She also gave assurance that all beverages served are adequately covered.

Furthermore, Grisham underscored that instructions were given to all service staffs to comply with food safety guidelines such as wearing gloves and masks. Other safety measures included making an abundance of hand sanitizers available to the limited number of guests that were invited. However one of the guests confided to the Post correspondent that the party organizers did not bother to send copy of the guidelines.

U.S Surgeon General Advice about Holding of Holiday Galas and Celebrations

U.S Surgeon General Jerome Adams appeared last month in a Good Morning America (GMA) to give advice to those who plan to throw holiday celebrations.

Aside from saying that it is important to make sure that the number of guests are as few as possible, the Surgeon General specifically stated that the health advisories are also addressed to those at the White House and not just the American public. Inasmuch as Trumps Super Spreader Events result to notable spike in new active cases, infectious experts are anticipating that the U.S. COVID-19 death toll could surpass the 500,000 mark.

Twitter CEO Announces Ban on Paid Political Ads and On Tweets Promoting Political Issues

Last week, Twitter CEO and co-founder, Jack Dorsey, announced the company’s decision to bar politicians from using Twitter accounts in publishing political ads; including political issue contents that aim to circumvent Twitter’s political ad ban. The ban becomes effective on November 15, 2019; but will extend to November 22, 2019 for advertisers, to give them extra time to adapt to Twitter’s new policy.


The new policy of course earned praises and approval from members of the Democratic caucus. although Forbes noted that Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris have the biggest spending for Twitter political ads. Nonetheless, this refutes the Conservative’s claims that CEO Dorsey is biased, and that his approval of the political campaign ban is aimed at silencing Conservatives; asserting that the ban will allow the liberal media to run unchecked in publishing contents that attack Republicans.

Obviously, the main Republican persona affected by Twitter’s new policy is no less than president Donald Trump. After all, Trump has taken quite a liking to Twitter as demonstrated by the massive daily political issues he tweets and retweets regardless of the veracity or falsity of contents.

Twitter CEO Explains that Ban Applies to Paying for Political Reach and Not on Freedom of Expression

The Twitter CEO said that the ban is not about suppressing freedom of expression. It is about not paying for political ads in order to broaden the reach of political campaign speeches. In being well aware that the ban can be circumvented by expressions of political issues, the ban also includes paid ads for pushing such issues. According to Jack Dorsey, they believe that garnering massive reach without having to pay for political ads, is the right way to move forward.

To give additional clarity, Twitter’s legal lead, Vijaya Gadde, gave a working definition of political ads as those advocating for or against legislative matters of national importance, e.g. healthcare, immigration, climate change, taxes and national security.

What is media?

Media is the plural form of medium, which (broadly speaking) describes any channel of communication. This can include anything from printed paper to digital data, and encompasses art, news, educational content and numerous other forms of information. Digital media, which makes up an increasingly vast portion of modern communications, is comprised of intricately encoded signals that are transmitted over various forms of physical and virtual media, such as fiber optic cable and computer networks.