It is okay to brag a little every now and then. According to reports from Harvard Business Review, too much bragging or doing it wrongly could hurt your odds of landing a job, be trusted by strangers or be liked by people to be in their circle.

Hyping can Lead to Harming

Translate it into business, it is the high time among business owners and entrepreneurs alike to stop posting any sort of hype and instead, get down to the real business. If you do wonder why boasting and hyping things up could hurt your brand, then I highly recommend that you read the next paragraphs.

Well first things first, it is just difficult to keep up with the hype after building it.

After some time, all the grandiosity will be overwhelming and you need to start making lies only to keep the hype going. As you know, just a simple lie could quickly backfire to you and open up more lies.

It is Too much to Handle

Aside from that, posting too much hype could make you hard to believe. Among the quintessential accounts of bragging and hyping gone wrong falls in the former iconic actor Charlie Sheen. After having tirade of increasing his value by means of posting how he was “winning” over the internet, he eventually become Hollywood’s laughing stock and all over the world.