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Politics is the heart of pretty much everything especially with what’s wrong in education. On the right, it is primarily about unregulated school options and local control and on the left, education politics is typically focused on adding funds while steering clear of any responsibilities for the outcome.

What if?

Both sides do pay lip service to quality, equity and student outcomes. However, this is more of an afterthought actually.

If the general public could have just voted on the issue, then politics may have change the educational system for good.

Have you ever thought of education had the same authority as gun lobby in coercing lawmakers? What if the school board elections have turned on classroom results instead of the petty struggles in power?

The Problem in Educational System

Andy Rotherham is an education policy writer and pointed out that education reform failed to interact rural and suburban voters for whom school option isn’t a choice and accountability is a mere secondary issue.

Yet another factor is what called as the “Accountability Conundrum”. Both voters and parents in various polls are saying that they are supporting accountability as what established under the federal law with interventions and standardized tests in schools that have low performance.