Research and evidence are stacking up in proving that comic books are making its readers smarter. Comics will persuade you to read more and they are using complex language that significantly improves a person’s verbal intelligence level. Comics serve as steroids to the mind. Believe it or not, even those who are struggling in reading can be better by simply reading comics.

No One Believe in its Power

The general public frowned comics. Throughout the 1950s, they’re slandered as a base entertainment among children as well as adults who are young at hearts. People see comic readers as someone who would turn into communists or hoodlums and degenerates.

While all these things changed, comics raised to become a part in our culture with selected titles like Watchmen, Sandman etc. being praised as high form of art. Regardless, there are still lurking suspicions that comics are in some sort an intellectual inferior activity.

They are so thin, enjoyable to read and colorful, all of which contribute to the notion that it doesn’t bring anything good to the readers.

It’s a Way of Life to Some


It’s a surprise that the fun and enjoyment of reading comics is among the various reasons why it is so good to read one. It’s the happiness that reading comics brings that matters the most to the readers.