US Journalist Fenster Pardoned and Set Free by Myanmar Military Junta

US journalist Danny Fenster who, just three days ago was sentenced to spend eleven years in jail by a military court in Myanmar, has been set free from prison. Fenster is only one of thousands of people and dozens of journalists being held by Myanmar’s military that took power through a coup staged last February. The American journalist was released after negotiations occurred between US ambassador to the UN Bill Richardson and Myanmar’s military junta. According to the military government, Fenster was pardoned first, then freed on humanitarian grounds.

What were the Charges Against Fenster?

Frontier Myanmar, Fenster’s employer, reported that the journalist was convicted based on charges of encouraging conflict against the military, unlawful association dissidents, and disobeying immigration law. Danny Fester is the managing editor.
Of Frontier Myanmar’s English-language news media site

However, Fenster was brought to trial on additional charges of terrorism and sedition that led to a sentence of serving a life sentence in prison. He was first confined last May when he was supposed to be returning to the US and spent 176 days imprisoned instead.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken welcomed Danny Fester from his liberation and added that the journalist had been incarcerated unjustifiably for around six months. Blinken assured journalists that they will continue to demand freedom for those who have been wrongfully imprisoned in Myanmar. According to reports, US Ambassador Richardson made an arrangement with an army general named Gen Min Aung Hlainh in person to let the American journalist go home via plane from Qatar.

NY Gov. Cuomo Ends Political Career as More Women Came Forward w/ Sexual Harassment Claims

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s political career came to a crash as charges of sexual harassment have intensified; driving him to announce his resignation last Tuesday. This was after a report of the related investigations recently released by the office of NY Attorney General Letitia James divulged that Cuomo sexually harassed 11 women, nine of whom are state employees.

There have been mixed reactions among his constituents as the New York Governor somehow stood as a beacon of hope during the first wave of the Covid-19 outbreak. Yet the sexual harassment claims ended Cuomo’s political future since they violated a number of different federal and state laws. His resignation will take effect after 14 days, ending a decades-long political career, which started when he first worked as an adviser to his late father, the former NY Governor Mario Cuomo.

The sixty-three year old Andy Cuomo who served three terms as NY governor, has been facing demands for his resignation during the past few months. This was after multiple women publicly accused him of inappropriately touching them. One of the victims is a former executive assistant who narrated how Cuomo had groped her breasts while at the Executive Mansion last November 2020.

The New York governor denied all allegations, even as AG James reported that they found the victims’ claims as credible. The only thing that the governor acknowledges are the inappropriate jokes and embraces, which he said have offended a lot of women.

Incumbent Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul to Replace Cuomo

Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul of Buffalo is making history as the first woman to become New York governor, as she is the next in line to assume the position after Cuomo’s resignation. Also a Democrat, Hochul’s swearing-in will maker her governor until the end of Cuomo’s term in 2022.

Additionally, Cuomo’s administration has been receiving criticisms for ordering the holding back the real number of coronavirus death toll in New York nursing homes. As a result, Brooklyn federal prosecutors are currently conducting investigations that have been going on for months now.