Ray Ban Stories Smart Glasses: Meta Platform Aims to Entice Live Streamers

Ray Ban Stories Smart Glasses will soon be coming out with a new version that will enable the camera-equipped wearer to directly and immediately stream video to Instagram and Facebook. The new version is a collaboration between Meta Platform and EssilorLuxottica. It will have the added functionality of letting streamers communicate directly with the audience.

What Features Make the Next-Gen Version of Ray Ban Stories Different from the Older Version?

Apparently, Meta Platform is looking to entice the creators of live streams to use the new version of the smart glasses. After all, the frame of the Ray Ban Smart Glasses already has two two built-in cameras, a microphone, open-ear speakers, and a touchpad,

According to leaked reports coming from Lowpass, direct communication between Ray Ban Stories live streamers and audience, is doable. The smart glasses have the capability to directly communicate by relaying comments by way of the audio over built-in the headphones. This new feature is anticipated to be a big thing for the streaming people.

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