UK Citizens Liberated from Lockdown and Some COVID-19 Health/Safety Restrictions

On Monday (May 17, 2021) the UK’s lockdown and social distancing restrictions will be relaxed; allowing UK citizens to gradually return to living in normalcy. Moreover, restaurants, hotels, museums bars and theaters will also reopen; albeit still subject to certain precautionary measures.

However, British authorities still express worries about a possible rise in cases where the coronavirus strain is linked to those identified as India variant. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson jas voiced concerns that the new India variant could still cause a disruption on the country’s progress toward recovery.

Still, due to efforts to vaccinate as many UK citizens as possible, health authorities are saying that they have not seen evidence of any increase in the number of infections caused by the new coronavirus variant.

Vaccination Status in the UK

UK health authorities have so far administered vaccines to 36 million people, not only in hospitals but also in churches and soccer stadiums across the country. An estimated 19 million are now fully vaccinated, while sixty-eight% of the adult population have already received their first shot.

Public health officials say they will speed up with the administration of the second dose for Britons 50 and older, in order to increase their COVID-19 vaccine protection.

What Changes Will Transpire?

Citizens in the UK will now have greater choices for entertainment and leisure, as dining places and watering holes like bars and pubs, will now be able to serve customers indoors.

1. Indoor entertainment venues like theaters, sports stadiums, museums, concert halls, conference centers and children’s play areas are now allowed to operate fully.

2.  Hotels and hostels, including Bed & Breakfast lodges are allowed to reopen.

3.  Indoor training areas for sports and exercises, as well as saunas and steam rooms are likewise allowed to reopen.4.

4. When meeting up with friends and relatives in groups it should be held outdoors and up to a maximum of 30 people.

5. When inviting people over as house guest, and especially if involving overnight stay, the number of guests should be limited to six people or to two households only.

6. During weddings and similar life-event celebrations, up to 30 people can be invited.

7. The number of people paying homage in funerals will no longer be capped, although depending on the size of venue where the body of the deceased lies in state.

8. Residents of care homes can now have as many as five visitors, as well as have more time to make visits out of homes.