Pueblo Chatino Exige Disculpa Publica al pri por Campana Racista

Public apology isn’t just saying “I’m sorry”. What’s unfortunate is that, corporate apologies have history of being terrible and consumers become so skilled in spotting good from awful apologies. If you are a business and writing an apology to address the public, there are few things that must be taken into account.

Get to the Root Cause of the Event

First of all, you need to have thorough understanding of the issue.

Keep in mind, the worst apologies are those that are made when you do not truly accept what you have done wrong. If there is resentment or undercurrent in the apology, people would be quick to notice. Thus, take time to get your head straight, be open to everything and have a clear mind in writing your apologies.

There is a big chance that someone has been wronged and hurt genuinely. While it may not bother you, think if you are in their shoes. See things in their point of view and use that to inform the content and tone of your apology letter.

If it’s Actually Your Fault

Of course, the moment that you admitted of any of your wrongdoing could kickback some legal consequences. If a lawsuit is brewing on the way and you are concerned being that it’s your fault, then you must hire a lawyer to prepare the apology letter for you.