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Amidst the growing concern of people and the general public over the impact and the influence of social media in our youth, a new Pew Research Center study of teens in the United States figured out that there are many youngsters who are acknowledging unique challenges as well as benefits of living in the digital era.

It has Taken the World by Storm

In today’s time, social media seems to be a universal word among teenagers.

While shares sometimes make them feel overwhelmed by too much drama flowing around social media and the pressure in constructing only the positive images of themselves, they are crediting these platforms simultaneously with various potential outcomes. This includes but not limited to the following:

  • Strengthening Friendship
  • Helping People their Age to Support Causes and Programs that matters to them
  • Exposing them to Totally Different Point of Views

How Social Media is Affecting Minds of Youngsters

Young people additionally believe that with the presence of social media, it helps teenagers to be exposed to diversity and be civically minded. In fact, around 2/3 of teens are saying that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are helping them to have better interaction with people of their same age and with diverse backgrounds and different perspectives.