Con Apoyo de Oficina de la onu Gobierno de Jalisco Inundara Tres Comunidades

Thinking that getting assistance from the government is just adding stress and hassle to opening a business is fairly easy. There are the red tapes you have to go through to acquire the permits needed, then let us not forget the taxes that must be paid, certifying employees, ensuring that you have complied with local, state as well as federal law and so forth.

Well contrary to popular belief, small businesses can actually take advantage of working with government.

And there are many ways how it can be done.

Local Government

There are local governments that take direct measures in assisting small-to-medium-sized businesses like offering loans with low interests so entrepreneurs can revamp their business or update their exterior etc. It is wise to go to your local government’s office in order to see what type of assistance is available.

State Government

Every state has its unique set of laws and budgets as well. But all of them have share a common denominator, it’s the vested interest to promote small businesses and healthy competition among them. Bigger states even offer divisions such as SBA that has specific resources for women-owned and minority owned businesses or even programs to fledge food companies with proper marketing and advertising.