Asesinan al Periodista Pedro Tamayo Rosas en Tierra Blanca Veracruz

Journalists who are covering on powerful interest are always in great danger. But even war reporters were protected once by their relationship they had with those who they are covering. If rogue governments or guerilla fighters want to establish communication with the world at large, they are all going to the press.

Killing journalists is undermining their ability of getting the message spread across the world to see.

Don’t Be Fooled by what You’re Seeing on the News

But this dynamic has changed as the internet was introduced and constantly developed. There’s no single explanation to why journalists are imprisoned or killed. But the most disappointing thing to know is the way how the US government is responding to these actions. The abrogation of its tradition as model for free press adds fire to why perpetrators are acting with impunity.

US Government Taking Action

There was even a time that not so long ago when White House reacted when a journalist was murdered abroad. Back in 2002, Bush administration puts pressure on Pakistani authority in bringing Al Qaeda operatives who had killed Daniel Pearl, a Wall Street Journal to justice. Omar Sheikh who is a key figure in the killing was then convicted in the Pakistani court in the same year.