Asesinan al Periodista Manuel Torres en Veracuz

You may see journalists going to news events, gathering information and facts and then, reporting it in front of our eyes. Because of this, people have a notion that journalism is a career that is unproblematic and effortless. In the contrary, it is not a piece of cake.

If it is Easy, then Everyone has Done it

Journalists are going the extra mile in order to report controversial and sensitive issues that may impact on public interests.

They might even be in a situation wherein they are personally engaged with the story they’re covering and risking their own life being compromised by the sheer amount of anxiety and stress.

Apart from the fact that they are being loathed by authoritarian governments, there are various challenges that media professionals are facing. These consist of how they can expand their base and thus, reaching a broader audience, how they can tell their stories and tell the most amount of information in just a short period of time and winning rivalry with competing medias.

Don’t Be Fooled By Your Eyes

Aside from covering actual war, there’s never been a time when it has become dangerous to journalists. These professionals aren’t viewed on the neutral side, they are sometimes being kidnapped and murdered by terrorist organizations. This is the exact same reason why there has to be proper protection and law to safeguard media personnel as they go deep to the heart of the event.