Acusan Custodios de Tortura y Violaciones Contra Mujeres

There are countless women who are experiencing various forms of violence. These include anything from:

  • Rape
  • Sexual violence
  • Sexual harassment
  • Domestic violence
  • Harmful customary

Violence can be manifested in other forms as well on top of the previously mentioned. Like for instance, it could be brought by traditional practices similar to forced marriages, honor crimes and female genital mutilation.

Men, Women Both are Equal

Inequalities in gender biased are present in long-term care as well as healthcare and health outcomes.

Both men and women are being confronted with risks and diseases as per their gender which has to be addressed adequately in health services and medical research.

Preventing Violence Against Women

This is the reason why governments and other authorized bodies are doing the best that they can to prevent violence against women. Some were even able to devise an plan in which it focuses on the following goals.

  1. Promoting a culture of recognition and prevention via educating people about domestic, gender-based and sexual violence
  2. Delivering consistent and effective service to women who are affected
  3. Ensuring effective and efficient implementation of the goal and strategy and;
  4. To guarantee that there’s effectiveness of service planning as well as policy.