What would you like the world to know? This is the primary question being asked when creating PSA or Public Service Announcement.

This is basically any message that promotes services, activities or programs of the local, state or federal government or perhaps, activities, services or programs of non-profit organization.

Let Yourself be Heard

Oftentimes, PSAs come in form of print ads and commercials. These are designed to convince audience in taking favorable action. PSAs are capable of instilling awareness, showing the importance of the issue or problem, promoting behavioral change or even convey information.

It doesn’t matter if you have a cause you want to promote or if you’re an educator, taking advantage of PSAs to create forum for learners and like-minded people to take part actively of the program enables them to be the stewards and advocates for social change.

5-Step for Effective PSA

Now, when it comes to creating an effective Public Service Announcement, there are several steps that must be taken into consideration. Do the following if you want to see success in your announcement.

Step #1. Pick a topic.

Step #2. Allot time for research.

Step #3. Think of your audience.

Step #4. Grab their attention and;

Step #5. Prepare a script and keep it in few simple statements.