Estudiantes Politecnicon dan 24 Horas epn Para Resolver Conflicto

It is a critical step to provide and implement security to every citizen. The security before law and in treatment by law enforcers would play a critical role. Another requirement is providing economic equal opportunity to both parties.

At minimal level, adequate economic means should be present in order to eradicate challenges and hardships among people.

Nearly all cases of conflict that has triggered into violence were caused by some sort of scarcity.

Let Women Do what They’re Good at

As a matter of fact, starting a dialog with and between the parents especially mothers on both sides is a great place to start the discussion. This is when security and economic issues have been dealt with. The reason for this is that, women have are more mature and have more common grounds compared to men. Apart from that, they’re likely to resolve conflicts with conversation and dialogs. Women use their prowess in these types of discussions in revealing what men do not want to.

Acceptance of agreement for dealing with past consequences including war crimes as well as crimes and oftentimes amnesty is perhaps a reconciliation and truth commission. There are times wherein allowing certain degree of autonomy is proven useful to both parties, which reduces burden on majority side. This allows a sense of agency on minority side.