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The way news are covering stories have evolved. There are times that media industry gets jolt from significant news events and bringing instantaneous change straight from the boardroom to city streets. Media outlets may look impervious but in reality, they are susceptible to the major events happening around the world. It can be affected and they could change right there and then.

Let me cite couple of examples of how media coverage have changed almost instantly.

The Kennedy Assassination in 1963

A big number of serious journalists are dying to work in newspaper or in radio prior the event. TV was deemed as the primary medium of entertainment. Then after the assassination had unfolded, it showed the true power of television.

Radio can’t describe the shooting and the newspaper fails to capture the drama moment-by-moment.

Live reports from hospital became grimmer as the time passes by.

Bringing Nixon Down in 1974

Investigative journalism had reached its pinnacle when Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward of The Washington Post started pursuing illegal activities that involves the then US President Nixon. Ultimately, this led to Watergate investigation and forcing Nixon to file his resignation.

Both journalists were immortalized in their best-selling book as well as Academy Award-winning movie “All the President’s Men”. As a matter of fact, both the film and the book show what it really takes to get among the biggest stories of 20th century.