Madres de los 43 Normalistas Protestan por los Feminicidios y Convocan la unidad

Feminicide was a term that was coined by Diana Russell and Jill Radford.

This was created in order to denote endemic and gendered nature of violence against women.

Basically, Femicide is explained as the killing of women by men simply because they’re females.

It has a Totally Different Meaning

Feminicide on the other hand is a totally different connotation. Marcela Lagarde y de Los Rios has defined feminicide as a gender based violence that is characterized by inaction of state. It occurs because authorities who are negligent, acting in collusion or omissive with the perpetrators are structuring violence against women.

How Violence is Manifested?

There are many forms in which this could take including but not limited to:

  • Systemic sexual violence
  • Domestic violence and;
  • Feminicide based on the stigmatized occupation similar to prostitution

More often than not, it is being ignored in feminist literature. In Latin America, Feminicides are very common in which more than 50 percent of 25 countries have highest level of feminicides worldwide.

Women are not just dealing with discriminatory policies. At the same time, they have to travel far and get pass through unsecured community just to arrive their destination as there’s lacking of public transport. It makes women more vulnerable to attacks compared to men.