Emite Epr Comunicado Sobre Estudiantes de Ayotzinapa

The elementary as well as secondary school program of America is now facing tons of challenges. Some of the known problems in education include:

Enough Funding

With the issues that education is facing these days, school funding is one that is given top priority. As you might be mindful about, American Public Education system does consist of primary as well as secondary education.

And both of these programs are supported by American taxpayers.

Having less funding only means that there are fewer programs available, smaller number of staffs and at the same time, diminished resources for students. In some instances, schools can’t pay for the essential maintenance needed to operate.

Believe it or not, in a 2017 report, it states that almost a quarter of public schools in US are either in poor or fair condition and that 53% of schools needs repairs and renovation.

Safety and Security

Finding out how to avert attacks and saving student’s lives and school personnel alike are one of the major problems dreading American teachers and students.

In fact, US President Trump as well as other lawmakers suggested to allow trained teachers and school staffs to bring concealed weapons to make the school a safer place for everyone.