Comunidad de Guerrero Lorga la Cancelacion de dos Concesiones Mineras

Long before mining operation starts, companies need to thoroughly study the social and environmental effects of mine.

Environmental and Community Protection

This is otherwise referred to as EIA or Environmental Impact Assessment. It plans for ways of reducing harm and cleaning up the site by the time when the mine closes down. It has to ensure as well that people and the community as a whole affected by the activities will be paid accordingly for the damages they’ll suffer.

By the time when the mine closes, the operator who has oversight from mining authority will be in charge to restore the site back to safety.

This is essential for future use.

The Responsibility that Mining Companies should Fulfill

In order for this to happen, the mining operator and mining company must properly execute the following:

  • Get rid of any toxic materials, machinery as well as mining structures
  • Fill in holes, put fence on dangerous and hazardous areas, close the tunnels and mark areas with clear signs
  • Stabilize cliff faces, waste dumps and pit walls in order to prevent collapse and reduce erosion
  • Restore the damaged waterways and;
  • Treat the polluted water so long as it’s necessary