Aurelio Nuna Anuncia Que 3 mil 119 Maestros Seran Despedios

As per new studies performed in Miami University, it has discovered that teachers aren’t being relieved from their post as a result of poor performance. Rather, it is because of the reason that they failed to follow the metrics of becoming a good faculty or employee.

The study consisted of 136 dismissed teachers in 3 distinct Atlanta area districts. Every case is studied and analyzed. Each district has over 10,000 teachers from the year 2011 – 2017. Saultz found out that 4% of the mentioned actual teaching practices as the primary cause of their dismissal.

In essence, there’s a small percentage of teachers who are actually dismissed in the first place. Those who are dismissed following the poor performance were just consisting of small percentage.

An Evaluation must be Performed

Given the fact that teachers are the single most important factor in schools in relation to student achievements, it is important to ensure that classrooms are only filled with top-performing teachers become so crucial.

With the study conducted, it serves as reminder that despite the improved steps in policy to attaining meaningful evaluation of teachers, the school system themselves are not particular about this subject.

Teacher’s Hope

If only this will be monitored, then the rate of teachers being relieved from their post will drop down significantly.