Asesinan Isidro Baldenegro Defensor de los Bosques de la Sierra Tarahumara

Our forest is covering 1/3 of land. It provides home for some of the most diverse life in our planet. They are supporting tons of different species and also, 1.6 billion humans all around the world. Even though, it is ironic that it is us humans who are the one accountable for eradicating millions of forested acres and widespread deforestation every single year.

If you think that forests are just trees used for the continuous improvement of our livelihood, then it’s time to see it in a different light.

We are Breathing because of Them

The number one reason why we are breathing oxygen is primarily because of the forests around us. They are absorbing the carbon dioxide we emit or exhale and in return, they give out oxygen.

Believe it or not, a mature tree is studied to generate one day supply of oxygen for 2 to 10 people.

It’s an Entire Ecosystem

Almost half of known species are living in forests including the 80% of biodiversity found on land. That is a huge variety particularly rich in tropical rain forests. You’d get to see endangered apes, rare parrots, worms and bugs working to provide nutrients to the soil, birds and bees spreading seeds and pollens and the likes. Everyone is working in harmony in forests.